Our Clients

Serving our clients, covering different needs within large projects and combining stakeholders in one common metrics framework, Innorbis works with clients in different roles and sectors across Europe and are expanding into the USA and the world together with our partners, from public sector to private, financial and research, and communities.

Our platform, services and consultancy currently include:

  • Identifying special risks and opportunities impacting investment decisions and credit originations, including integrity of data source and sustainable criteria
  • Advanced data analysis and content comparison for countries, cities and corporates and transparent disclosure market content
  • Financial risk and impact scale
  • Conformity assessment for fair consumer trade
  • Financial portfolio and risk management
  • Customised capital market indices & indexes
  • Quantitative factors of quantitative and qualitative information
  • Financial instrument designs
  • Impact & thematic investment content
  • New KPI’s for corporates, cities and organisations
  • Compliance and disclosure reports
  • Strategic governmental innovation projects
  • Customised client digital development into sustainability integration

Financial Sector - Banks & Investors

Innorbis serves the financial sector with sustainability / ESG factor analysis in a forward-looking and predictive model for integration in core processes. Innorbis Business Intelligence provides an objective comparison among equities and financial instruments.

"We know the “unknown” disrupting the financial markets, mitigating risk in this transition” - Angelica Lips da Cruz , CEO and Founder of Innorbis.

Public Sector

Innorbis empowers the public sector to make better investments and decisions based on solid digital data collection and measurement systems for application in economic calculations.

See innorbis.earth for more information about the cities pilot project

Corporate Sector

Innorbis provides new KPIs and a neutral and objective peer comparison in a transparent measurement platform, bridging sustainable investments and funding.

We do the work for you, taking into consideration alignment with corporate RoI and WHY and HOW to measure each KPI and core business integration towards sustainable strategy.

Financial Regulators and institutions

Innorbis aims to contribute towards regulators for a fair market play with transparency on underlying data information.

Innorbis contributes to the goal to prevent and investigate fraud, market efficiency and transparency, and make sure customers and clients are treated fairly and honestly with a neutral and unbiased assessment.

Here's what our clients and partners are saying!

“Compliments for an awesome portfolio, it’s had two stunning years compared to other market indexes ” - Ebrahim Kasenally, C8

“You have a diamond on your hands” Lars Nordström - Swedbank Institutional Clients

“By participating in testing and developing sustainability measures in a local context, our understanding and ability increased while contributing to the national system with partners” Johan Gammelgård - Director of Administration and Innovation at City of Umeå

“It is highly interesting to participate in Innorbis’s development of new measurement methods and tools for the financial market and a more humane society. That is why Innorbis’s initiative and our joint development project feels gratifying and hopeful” Erik Eckerdal - Director at Samariterhemmet Diakoni